The beauty of the Walk in the Park shoes and boots is that you can wear them under almost any outfit. Quality and style combined with simplicity.

Uncomplicated, fashion-conscious with a vintage look. That’s what Walk in the Park stands for. Founded in 2003, Walk in the Park has developed into a specialist in ‘vintage look’ men’s and women’s shoes and is rapidly gaining popularity. And that’s certainly no coincidence. Sustainability and quality are high on the list of priorities. This is evident in the designs, the details and particularly in the use of materials. All of our shoes and boots are produced in Italy, where we exclusively use top quality Italian leather. The leather used, as well as its processing, have given the shoes and boots a cool and rugged look, without losing the refined element. This ensures the boots and shoes can easily be combined for a wide variety of occasions.



We would like to prove anyone wrong who feels that fashion and sustainability are difficult to combine – especially where shoes and accessories are concerned. The many developments in the industry simply must enable us to develop the most beautiful collections, which will make both you, the consumer, and us feel good.



The entire Walk in the Park team is very enthusiastic about our motto that making the shoe cycle sustainable and innovative doesn’t make our lives any easier, but it definitely does make it a great deal better.



We work with ‘Due Diligence’ at Walk in the Park, which, loosely translated, means with ‘due care’. For example, we have deliberately chosen to work with leather. After all, it’s a fact that leather is more sustainable than synthetic materials. One thing people often don’t know is that animals aren’t slaughtered for leather, but it’s actually a residual product. This statement applies to 99% of leather, with the exception of a number of reptile species like snakes and crocodiles (which we don’t use). The fact that leather also offers the most beautiful appearance as well as the highest level of comfort is, of course, a nice bonus. However, it is important to make sure leather is tanned in the right way. In order to make sure we’re working with the right tanneries, we only ever acquire our blank leather from LWG (Leather Working Group – improving environmental stewardship) certified tanneries. These are tanneries which tan in accordance with tested methods and strict rules and which are also monitored to ensure this happens (for more information, please visit www.leatherworkinggroup.com). The vitello leather we use at Walk in the Park is tanned in accordance with the ‘wet white tanning’ method. This tanning method guarantees top quality, ecologically friendly leather, which actually also results in lighter and smoother leather and is guaranteed to be chrome-free too. This latest tanning method compared to the usual ‘chrome tanning’ can be easily compared to the difference between an electric car

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